About Us

About Us

We are a group of friends who idealized a better world. We did charity events, volunteered at many organizations for people with special needs, orphanages,  created a lot of social projects for our communities, children’s hospitals and this felt exhausting with no end in sight. Besides that, we ran out of our own funds quickly. We wanted a more effective way to improve our society. We wanted to get to the problems before the problems started. Keep families together longer as most seems to be about financial problems. Help people earn income for themselves. We spent a lot of energy, money, emotions and time towards making a better world but one day, we had a better idea.

About Us

We realized that there is always a job that needs to be done either by businesses or individuals. There are always people seeking work. Why can’t we match these job seekers with job providers faster, better matched and instantly? More things would get done. Even more projects would get finished. More business ideas could be realized. We challenged this question about the possibility of instant jobs for a year until we found solid solutions to the problems about jobs today. What we found: –


Alarmingly, hundreds of students around us close to 300,000 in population in Minsk from age 14 to 22 are not working. Many have never worked before at all. Parents are telling their student children not to work and concentrate on their studies in fear that a part time job during studies will impair their study results. Parents are forcing their children choose career paths deemed to be economically “safe” or what they wanted for themselves. This is having a massive negative impact on society today.

A tidal wave of lost generation millennial’s are “looking for themselves” due to them not doing what they want. Most people in general do not work in the career of their academic studies. Some after graduating undertake another course that they would like to do and it further delays their real job experiences. Universities and colleges are not providing good careers advice or practical job skills. As a result businesses fearing any graduate without prior job experience. The response from hiring managers, HR recruiters, directors is that they will not risk hiring off the shelf graduates due to high failure rates at on the job performances and are too busy to train beginners. So where can the beginner job starters go?

Highly skilled & talented

Many people with years of job experience, knowledge, business acumen, job skills are currently unemployed or driving taxis and uber. What is going on? Many choose to drive Uber or taxis because they either have a higher salary there than their specialty, is less of a headache than operating their own businesses, don’t have to answer to a direct boss. Many drivers of taxis and Uber have professional backgrounds as doctors, music professionals, teachers, accountants, professors with PHDs or simply enjoy the convenience of working when it suits them.


There are armies of talented, hard working, educated mothers who also need additional income and independence but find themselves at home looking after their children suddenly to loose their previous job skills and sense of independence. What if there was a way that all mothers could work during their spare hours or minutes using their mobile phone and our app to do some data entry, book keeping, online sales, jobs that can be done part time at home?


Depends on good workers but rarely do they hire outside their network circles of friends, relations or recommendations. Rarely do businesses take on someone off the street who is talented, works hard. Why? Because they don’t TRUST! 80% of jobs are never advertised.


Most startups fail. In USA, Australia where salaries are booming in startup industries, startups are struggling because they cannot ramp up their talented teams fast enough. They cannot find the talented skilled workers. They often need to outsource their work and there are many issues with this compared to having workers in house with direct access to the founding members with the ideas to develop. Skilled app developers, web programmers are in high demand. They simply cannot be found to develop your startup instantly today when your idea is hot to go and the market is ready.

What if?

What if you could get a job instantly, what if you could find talents local to your area instantly with the help of our smart devices that is in our pockets already?

These smart phones are great at taking all our time and money instantly. We can order a car to travel, a pizza, buy anything online and take money from us instantly but what about when we need money instantly? What mobile app gives us money now for jobs we can do today? How can we convert our spare time into dollars? How can unemployed find a job? When we travel to new destinations without existing connections or friends?

What if we can make a way for it to put money back into our pockets…instantly? When we need it most? When we need that extra money, when we really need a change of job, when we simply don’t have a job but want to work? What if we can help every small business and every startup grow, expand, be flexible with skilled and non-skilled resourcing?

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