JOXNA Startup Seminar

JOXNA Startup Seminar

On the 25th of February 2017, Startup project JOXNA Jobs premiered at the Hilton hotel in Minsk Belarus.


The start

JOXNA Startup Seminar

We show cased our 6 months of developing work. Our ideas, our purpose was presented. It was time we found out what people thought about it.

“Why why why! What is JOXNA? Why JOXNA? [ʤoksna] or [ʤoana]?”

Why did everybody come? What is this for? What is a startup? Why Belarus?

There were a lot of questions before, during and after the seminar.

In Minsk Belarus, Startup events are still a new phenomenon and for the general public, most have never known about it.

People were certainly interested and could understand the importance of it. How it related to themselves. Overall we received positive responses.

At 5pm the registered guests came and took their seats. I was very excited but knew that many people attending our event had no idea about our project JOXNA or what a startup project is.


Interestingly, most people had never thought about their own job situation until this day. Already I felt that we were doing something important with a grand purpose. I was happy to be part of this project team.

I asked myself, “What can people expect from our JOXNA startup seminar?”

JOXNA Startup Seminar Sadly, for Belarusians on such occasions everyone was stressed for no reason and they didn’t know what was going on in the grand ballroom but they came from curiosity. Eyes wide shut. It was a complete comedy making fun of our own but it happens often and with predictability.

People came, sat and nobody talked to each other even whilst sitting next to each other. In a word, it’s our amazing culture. No words exchanged. We were running around trying to help people to feel comfortable and get them acquainted to each other. We even rearrange their seating to mix people around. A great deal of heavenly forces was needed to get people to introduce themselves and share some words.



Waiters served free wine and chocolate at JOXNA Startup Seminar. The mood picked up and was moving along.

Internationally famous kids clown Vadik Raketa and the Bears, coupled with Bayan virtuoso and singer, Vitaly Voronko started their performances. What the? Am I really at a startup seminar?

Surprisingly, from silence to party mode exploded instantaneously.

Everyone was taking photos, laughing and talking! I forgot about my previous thoughts in the beginning and started to enjoy my time.


Surveys and feedback

During all this, I started to survey our guests for feedback about the event and also asked about themselves relating to their jobs and our seminar. I asked them, “what do you think the project is about?” and “what do you expect from the evening?”

Most replied “I was invited by my friend and knew little about Joxna, so I didn’t know what to expect”


The presentation

After entertaining everybody, we started our presentation.JOXNA Startup Seminar

What do you know about JOXNA Jobs App? why is this a new idea and why should people use it and will they use Joxna jobs technology at all?

JOXNA is a Job [X-connecting] Network Application and has only one variant of pronunciation – [ ʤona]. Did the name give you already any hints about the idea of the project?

The co-founder E Jun’s main mission this day at JOXNA Startup Seminar was to let the audience know about our new solution to solving the problems with jobs today. He wanted to see the reaction and get feedback to assist improve our solutions.

The word ‘job’ itself is mostly associated with the feeling of pain. To work a job doesn’t bring the mood of happiness or make people excited but brings out the feeling that it is a laborious chore. Usually people would not do their jobs in the general sense if they had a choice not to do it.JOXNA Startup Seminar

Successful intelligent people in society do not think about those who have problems with jobs or who are unemployed. They enjoy their own time and develop their own projects and businesses but little thoughts are directed at solving this problem about jobs.

Internationally, every nation, society, social groups are working hard to solve the problems with jobs with their local problems with local ideas and solutions.

No entity, government, company, do good group of saviors, no job mobile application, job boards, newspapers or employment web sites are successful with their main purpose – to find a job for people when they need it.

The recruiting process is profoundly flawed. Every aspect of the traditional recruiting system is so badly designed and executed.


The facts

Statistics we represented during our first seminar: –

• Resumes do not work: Everyone knows how to copy paste their resume.
• Larger companies have electronic programs using automatic keyword-searching algorithm to narrow down the huge amounts of applications. Still there are too many applications for a human to process, so they don’t.
• Automated recruitment websites, mobile apps make many brilliant and talented hard working job-seekers feel like garbage. When you deal only with machines and wait a long time for a friendly response that never comes, your confidence deteriorates. It is a human emotional process. A job means everything to us. Self-identity, self-worth and self-confidence.
• Each corporate job post online attracts over 250 resumes on average. Of the 250, only four to six will be called for an interview and only one is maybe offered the job.
• 65% of recruiters claim talent shortage is the biggest challenge in hiring.
• Slower interview processes are gradually increasing time-to-hire. E.g. the interview processes in America has grown by 3.3 to 3.7 days since 2009. Today it stands at 22.9 days on average.
• It takes on average three interviews, three to six weeks to get an offer. In comparison, it used to be one to four weeks in the second half of 2015.
• 47% of small businesses cannot find qualified applicants for open positions.

Moreover: –

• We live in the digital era of searching for work. According to Pew Research Centre, the Internet is as essential employment resource, 79% of job seekers use online resources in a search for a job. That is much higher than the usage of personal connections (66%) or professional contacts (63%) and more than twice the proportion who utilized employment agencies, print advertisements, or job fairs and other events.
• 90% of job seekers use their smartphones in their job search, however, the hiring process remains difficult using a mobile device because it’s hard to complete a 45-minute application on a 5 1/2-inch screen. Mobile technology assists in finding jobs, but currently it is a very slow process.
• Like many aspects of our lives, job seeking is going mobile.

BUT here are the facts: –

  •  90% of fortune 500 company career sites do not support a mobile.
  •  There are a lot of problems that make people not to use mobile apps it again
  •  Some 47% of smartphone job seekers have had problems accessing job-related content because it wasn’t displaying properly on their phone,
  •  47% have had problems reading the text in a job posting because it was not designed for a mobile device.
  •  38% of smartphone job seekers have had problems entering a large amount of text on their smartphone while searching for a job
  •  37% have had problems submitting the files or other supporting documents needed to apply for a job
  • 23% have had problems saving or bookmarking jobs on their phone so they could go back and apply for them later.

The Questions:

  • WHY when we have all the modern technologies, is the process of finding a job getting worse every year?
  • WHAT are people doing wrong?
  • ARE all the job apps and job web sites too technical and complicated?
  • DO we still need to fill in a huge data into application forms, upload a resume electronically to find a job?


TodayJOXNA Startup Seminar

Everyone is wasting valuable time today. It is now 2017. Technology and innovation are terms everyone is using to sell the latest smart TV, internet enabled refrigerator and washing machines.

Smartphones are now more powerful than the latest PC with incredible features never ever imagined. Higher screen resolutions that the most advanced cinema, built in cameras front and back that’s over taken all camera sales. Unlimited music streaming live with apps like Spotify. We TRUST the built in GPS with google maps. It allowing us to travel around the world and find McDonalds in an instant on arrival with free WIFI. We TRUST that our mobile phones can find all information on google. We TRUST that we can find videos on YouTube, connect to friends on Facebook, find a partner on a dating site.

But we still cannot find a job today. Not instantly. Today we still do not TRUST a job candidate that he or she can do what was written in their resume, we do not TRUST what they promised to us the employer during an interview face to face.

In this 21st century, social media plays a huge role in our lives yet we have not used it to assist us in finding our jobs or advertising what job skills and work experiences we have.

Our JOXNA team studies everyday all the problems with jobs today. In a word, we research all about how people find jobs, advertising jobs, managing jobs, how people connect jobs from the job provider to the job seeker. Our JOXNA Jobs App is our solution that we designed to meet the needs of job seekers and job providers today.


The JOXNA philosophy

Joxna is a new philosophy. There is always a job to be done, anywhere, anytime.


The job modes

Student or currently unemployed

You need to work and earn money or get experience to have a paid work. Using Joxna job app in ‘xStart’ mode, it finds jobs immediately near your area. Also, this mode is designed to give new job seekers and people wanting a career change a start. For this reason, the job providers have an obligation to provide clear job instructions in a safe working environment, friendly and understands that you are a novice and includes on the job training that has structure according to our JOXNA Jobs policies using standard templates.

Qualified with certificates, diplomas but no experience?

Mode “xGo” – start your career with us. We designed JOXNA Jobs App to give graduates a fair go with real paid work. Finally, no more endless internship for no money. Real work needs real pay or if you do work for experience, undoubtedly it needs to be fairly rewarded with on the job training and build your live jobs biography with employer reviews, feedback and endorsement of your performance.

So you’re a professional? Already got experience?JOXNA Startup Seminar

“xPro” is for you. Find professional work where ever you go. IT programmer? You can work either on site or remote instantly. Hair dresser? Walking on a holiday in Rome and want to have a true travel and work experience? Turn on JOXNA Jobs App and have a go cutting and styling hair in Italy! Wouldn’t that be a real thrill!

Are you an expert? Are you the best at what you do?

Let people know who you are, where and how to find you easily so they can have your expert advice, skills, knowledge. You can make a difference to someone today and, moreover, get paid for it. Expert family lawyer? You could help a family sort out their situation with good advice. Specialist doctor of neuro disorders? Finally, why not let your amazing skills help more people in need even when you travel? Audio engineer with expert skills in Pro Tools? Can arrange jazz music? Someone certainly needs you somewhere to produce their next hit song! “xPert” is for you.


Making the future today


E Jun: This is the future. We are making future today.

The days of the permanent worker is numbered and will soon be over all around the world. Finished.

No one has made a solution to accommodate this culture change and every business, every person is losing. Businesses are losing money every day. They are not making the profits they can because they can’t find suitable workers. A lot are going bankrupt. A lot are closing doors.

Workers, useful people with two hands and a brain are sitting at home or cafes doing nothing.

Mothers with high degrees and education with great job skills and experience are sitting at home doing nothing. Important to realize that  they could be actively earning money easily, remotely in the convenience of their home whilst looking after their children and it will make a big difference by earning money every day when they have a few spare hours. Significantly, that every spare hour, spare minute they can convert to real money and that real money can assist them to pay for their living expenses, their holidays, their children’s education and medical needs.

This culture of work to sit in one chair, one desk doing the one job for life is over.

‘The users of our JOXNA jobs app loves their JOBS. Yes, jobs. A JOXNA user wants to experience as much life as possible by doing jobs, to try different kinds of jobs and find jobs instantly. Not only that, they can then build their own businesses. Moreover, with the money they make, they can use the JOXNA Jobs App to hire their own workers and try their business ideas. This whole thing is an absolute jobs ecosystem.

Important to realize, that the modern worker doesn’t want to sit at one place for years, they are always moving and learning and our app delivers this lifestyle. It’s incredible.

It accompanies Joxner-worker form the very start, when he has no experience or even education till the time when he reaches success but still wants to work, but at a new level. It (Joxna app) educates, helps to earn money as well as gives an opportunity to travel. We make our app all about the user as we would like to use it ourselves every day.

For this reason, we want our JOXNA user to be happy and change the attitude towards jobs.

Doing jobs, providing jobs – is a fun, important part of life.

It’s rewarding and it is necessary. There is always a job to be done anywhere, anytime.


The features: –

JOXNA jobs technology project has many amazing features that makes jobs easier but the main ones to note are:

• Unlimited instant jobs that pays on completion
• Travel and work
• Fun, easy and exciting to use
• Non language dependent

Our team and me

Our very ambitious JOXNA team sounded persuasive and convincing.

In fact, it was our first pitch, our first presentation, our idea shared and we had a positive reaction.

A mountain needs to be conquered and I am thinking about myself. I can see how I would use this new technology one day and also my many friends and family.

Frankly speaking, I am happy that we are doing something about this problem about jobs. I am proud to be part of this amazing team. I do my job every day because my job is important to me and I am important to my team who depends on me. My name is Evgenia Novik. I am a commercial stylist and project manager working on the soon to be, the biggest most important startup project, JOXNA. It’s all about jobs.

JOXNA Startup Seminar

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