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It's a fun way to find jobs, learn new skills, be entertained

It’s social media for jobs with: –

  • Live video streaming
  • Instant Jobs booking
  • Real time delivery tracking
  • Jobs manager



Taking too long to find a job?

Too many jobs platforms?

The job process today is really bad!


People doing good jobs everyday, every hour

Live updates of jobs makes it easier to attact new customers

Interact, communicate, automate



The starters, students, the unemployed, career transitions to gain valuable job experiences by businesses and individuals who provides on the job training in return for some hours of volunteer work. It is structured to building important networks for job seekers and job providers, build confidence, share knowledge, give new starters a go.


Jobs that can be done by anyone without qualifications. If you need money today, this is the mode for you. Jump right in and start working. Get a job near to you anywhere anytime in the xGo mode. The possibilities are endless but everyone can have a job and everyone can get their jobs done.


This mode allows for instant hire or job find based on your JOXNA Jobs biography and our A.I. Jobs matching feature. We match the most suitable worker to the job instantly. There is no need for resumes and interviews. We replaced all time wasting processes with a trusted system of reviews, skills tests, visual evidence of past jobs history and endorsements by previous employers, peers, and even self.


For people with 5 or more years experience that enters into this mode, can find specialised work


Change the world type of people met together by some kind of awesome power of destiny. We are making a difference to the most important thing in everyone’s lives…

Ours and yours job!

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For job seekers

Find the best matched worker for your job instantly and have him or her turn up fast near to you:

  • Instant jobs
  • Trust rating
  • Travel and work

Job providers

Find the best matched worker for your job instantly and have him or her turn up fast near to you:

  • Instant workers
  • Instant team
  • Projects on the go

Work and travel?

Yes, it is possible with Joxna. Travel and work anywhere you go, find the job and find the best talents in your area.

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About Us

About Us We are a group of friends who idealized a better world. We did charity events, volunteered at many organizations for people with special needs, orphanages,  created a lot

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JOXNA Startup Seminar

JOXNA Startup Seminar On the 25th of February 2017, Startup project JOXNA Jobs premiered at the Hilton hotel in Minsk Belarus.   The start We show cased our 6 months

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